Global Entrepreneurship Week at Project 3810

We’re back

With a new #3810mindset

Five years ago we opened the doors not knowing exactly what we were doing. We had an idea, a vision. We put out a sign that said ‘for lease’ and we listed our space online. One big risk and lots of little actions later, we have navigated and adjusted and built out our space. We have evolved just like we all do.

We are more than just an address.

We teach the Trifecta of Success

As an incubator for early stage small business, learning is a cornerstone for us. We listen to our small business owners and help them where they are at and look at where they want to go. The ABC’s of running a small business are people, process and product (service). We provide the space to grow but also garner from our own experiences and provide connections to other experts in our ecosystem. We keep learning.

We strive to have an Infinite Impact

Win, Win, Win has been a foundation of our business plan from the beginning. We are all connected. The success of one shouldn’t hurt another. We strive for making sure we are being good stewards in our neighborhood. As we continue to grow and have more success, we want to leave a lasting impact for the future.

We are one Tribe.

Community is a big focus for us. We have our on-site community and we have our extended community. We have our West OKC friends. We have our ‘Broke’ friends. (Broke Brewing Co) . We have our Oklahoma Small Business Ecosystem friends. We are one Tribe.

We have Wholesome Fun

Starting, running and growing a business is hard work. We often are focused and driven to get the results. Laughing and fun are absolutely necessary to balance the stresses. We don’t take ourselves so seriously. We celebrate the small and big milestones and also the life events. We can be pranksters. We enjoy a good party. We love to turn the music up and dance! We realize self care is more than just health but also letting off steam with our friends. Just keep breathing. You got this!

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