Certified Incubator Program

What is a Business Incubator?

The broad definition is a a business incubator is a concept that accelerates successful development of entrepreneurial companies by providing an array of business support resources and services. Business incubation has provided solid evidence of its capacity to nurture entrepreneurial business development and, in the long-term, maintain and retain new business ventures.

Specifically, We provide one on one and peer group coaching to help you, the business owner, and your team, to be able to reach your business milestones.  We connect you to resources in the community.  

We fill the gap of what you know and what you need to know. 

Project 3810 IS a Certified Incubator

The Small Business Incubator Incentives Act empowers the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to certify any established company, organization or association that seeks designation as a Certified Small Business Incubator as long as it meets the definitions of “incubator” as defined in the Act.  For more information refer to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, http://okcommerce.gov/business/incubators/


What are benefits of an Incubator program

The State of Oklahoma provides special tax incentives for incubator clients. Project 3810 is an Oklahoma Department of Commerce certified business incubator, which qualifies resident clients that are in good standing in the incubation program or approved graduates of an incubator program for a 10 year state business income tax exemption. For more information refer to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, http://okcommerce.gov/business/incubators/

In addition, the Incubator program reduces the risk of small business failure through mentoring, coaching, training, infrastructure, and connections.

Whose is your business coach?

Important question. We screen you, and if I were you, I’d want to know what credentials the person coaching me has and if they are the right fit.

Vicki Langford is your coach. Vicki is the VP and CFO of Resonance Inc. and she is the Founder, CEO of Project 3810. 

Read more about Vicki.

Are you ready for an Incubator Program

  • I need more space to expand sales
  • I have enough revenue to pay rent 
  • I’m ready to commit to learning and networking