About Us

win ~ win ~ win

For our clients

Business coaching that increasing your chances of success. Leadership development so you are confident employers.
Personal enrichment as you navigate your goals and dreams

for our community

Economic impact for NW OKC. Job creation by our clients and ourselves. Property improvement that benefits commuters and local residents alike

For ourselves

Connecting our clients to the OKC Business and Startup Ecosystem. Creating a recognized community for business success. Being of service to others along their own journey.

it takes a village

Project 3810 is about continuing our journey through shared experience with other like-minded individuals who are growing their businesses and following their life dreams. Project 3810 will assist in creating synergies of connections and partnerships that lead to investment opportunities and business growth that align with the business owners personal goals through development of the people, processes and products that create successful businesses.
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To anywhere in the metro
1 min
Bill to pay each month
1 Bill
Combined years of experience
0 years