Warehouse Space

Our warehouse manufacturing space unique.

Our current plan is to create several working spaces starting at 850 sq ft.   going as large as 2400 sq ft.   This space will have an overhead door so you can get your materials and equipment from the common walk ways to and from your space.   We can get your space ready to move in within 30 days. 

We have a loading dock and a ramp, we have a common shipping and receiving area and can assist in getting your shipping processes figured out if needed.

We can stock common shipping supplies if you need – like boxes, tape, peanuts and the like and bill you for what you use.

We can use our Fedex account and bill you for the freight you use until you are ready to get your own account set up.

We work closely with Francis Tuttle and the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance if you need any specialized training on Lean manufacturing or Safety training.