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Taking a break

Pause, Reflect, Reboot

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

In the hustle and grind work ethic of a chronic entrepreneur, doing nothing is the hardest thing ever.

And to be honest, I’m not literally talking about doing nothing. I’m simply talking about focusing on core activities and pause the rest.

To that end, Project 3810 will be talking a pause from our Meetups.

Project 3810 is still open for business. We have space for lease – Offices, Warehouse/Flex Space.

Space is what is needed sometimes.
Space to let the ideas marinate and evolve. Space to dive in and get core stuff done. Space to create.

We HAVE the Space.
(in the tune of Arby’s commercial)

Here’s the things I’m marinating on during this pause.

  • We launched Project 3810 5 years ago. Literally 5 years. July is even our anniversary month. July 2017 we closed on the building. So, this is a 5 year reflection…
    • Total # of tenants served: 39
    • Total # of HVAC units replaced: 10
    • Total # of commercial kitchen build outs: 2
    • Total # of Brewery build outs: 1
    • How to best tackle the next 5 years of remolding and renovation needed on this 1950’s building.
  • How can I best serve Incubator clients? Project 3810 is a unique business model — We aren’t just a property leasing business. We are a certified Incubator. So while we model revenue and expenses based on the real estate business, we also have this service side as an Incubator that gets much more murky regarding how to monetize that part of the business. Each business that enters the incubator program is so different. Some have never had a business before. Some this is their 2nd or 3rd. Some have a very clear mission in mind. Some are in an established industry. Some are blazing new trails. So there definitely isn’t a once size fits all program that works. The other part of service side is time. My time, their time, our time. We don’t have enough time. We want to maximize time and have time left over for family and friends and what about free time. Yeah, we want some of that too. Spread too thin. That’s another problem. Some of us, including me, have other jobs that take precedent at times.
  • Post pandemic recovery. I naively thought that 2022 was going to be a normal year. I thought it would be much like before. Yet, it isn’t. We are in a time period right now that historians will label. We are calling it post-pandemic, but there is more too it than that. During the industrial revolution they didn’t know they were going through the industrial revolution. In looking back, though, we can clearly see patterns and how life was impacted by them in a big way.

Six months into 2022, I have realized things are different. I can’t simply go back to how I thought pre-pandemic. My thinking is different. Politics and Policy matter more. What I value has shifted. Intangibles are more important – they have come in to focus more than before.

Business is changing — we want it to change. We, as employees, want it to be different; so we, as entrepreneurs, are working on that.

Even though the meetups are paused, we do have space available and are happy to give tours and connect you with our great community.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Peace out. ~Vicki Langford

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  1. Hi there! I am visiting OK as a retiree with family here and came to the brewery and stumbled across your Project 3810. I am so intrigued and impressed by your concept and building! just wanted to let you know…and BTW, the brewery is great-as a frequenter of breweries across the country, can say, it is very well done!!

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