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We are strategically located right off of Route 66 at the intersection of I-44 and Hefner Parkway.  Convenient commute from all over Central Oklahoma.  Be anywhere in the metro area in 15 minutes.

The NW36th St corridor between Portland and Meridian are full of other industrial and manufacturing based businesses.   Locate yourself in a established business community that is doing what you do.

Our location has all the support you need close by.   Plenty of fast-food and dining establishments to choose from.   Just minutes to Lowe’s, Target, Office Depot and Sam’s.  A few minutes more and you’re at Penn Square Mall.   Convenient to Northwest OKC, Midtown, 16th St, and Downtown.  Convenient to the airport and hotels.

Easier to navigate than downtown locations.   And easy parking, no need to find a meter or pay high parking lot fees.

Project 3810 Office Building is the perfect location for your business.

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The decision to move your business to a new location involves a investment in your time as well.   You want your business to not loose productivity and be able to get back to business right away.

Time spent setting up all the utilities and internet services so your business can operate isn’t time spent generating revenue.

In addition, it takes time each month to make sure all those overhead bills get paid.  Cutting checks to each provider and avoiding late fees takes being organized and scheduled.  This is not a revenue generating activity.   Its a cost of doing business.   Plus how do you effectively budget when you aren’t exactly sure what those utilities bills are going to run?    Don’t get caught being surprised by an unexpectedly high utility bill.

Focus on growing your business. Pay one bill that includes all the standard overhead items you need, plus many extras that our space offers. Our rates are one price for everything.

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On Site Experts

Your landlords are successful business owners and project managers.   
We know what you are going through.   Our expertise is on-site and readily available.

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