Business Coach – Vicki Langford

As a student of business, my zest for learning was driven 100% out of need. I needed to know how to decrease lead times. I needed to know how to prepare and read financial documents. I needed to know how to create efficient processes. I needed to know how to hire and fire. I needed to know how to motivate.  I needed to know. I got very good at finding the right questions to ask. Once you know what you are asking, then it’s much easier to find an answer.  

I am also a student of many different coaches, consultants and experts over my 30 years in business. I garnered a wealth of knowledge and information. I finished my Bachelors in Business Management in 2005. I’m a certified Life coach from 2012.  I read (present tense) many books a year. I enjoy learning. I enjoy asking questions. I love a challenge which if i’m being brutally honest is why I became the CEO of a bootstrap start-up business at age 50.

I’m not just a learner though. I execute on what I learn. I glean and make notes. I implement. I am not afraid of throwing out an existing process for a new idea I just learned that inspired me. Some of those are my go-to concepts I swear by today. Some didn’t work for me. Some I even tweaked and created my own mash up of concepts. New thoughts and ideas need time to marinate and formulate and then it is imperative they come to life through action. Results can not happen without action. Actions need to be assessed over time to determine if it is accomplishing desired results. If results aren’t where they need to be then back to the drawing board. More researching and learning is necessary to determine the next approach. Continuous improvement. It’s my way of life.

I am drawn to teaching over and over again.  In nearly every job I find myself in a position of instructor of some capacity.  Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he eats for a life time.

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