Project 3810 curated business resources, articles and advice.  We want to help make better BOSSes and share our knowledge so you don’t have to start from scratch and you can improve your business too.

What’s the next step?

Business is business.  This is nothing new.  It’s been done a thousand times before.   Just google “business advice” or any other business question you have

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Why Project 3810?

There are a lot of great spaces out there, no doubt. You might ask, why should we use Project 3810 instead of one of the

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Coworking Room

Coworking in Oklahoma City

There are a number of really great coworking options in Oklahoma City, any of which we’ll gladly refer folks toward. You’ve heard about them we’re

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Grow with Google, Grow with Us

Yesterday, Project 3810 staff attended the Grow with Google event held in Oklahoma City, along with many small business and aspiring small business owners. If

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We’re here to help

At Project 3810, we’re not just a place where you go to office.  We’re here to be an environment for growth. That includes coaching services,

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