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Global Entrepreneurship Week at Project 3810

We’re back

With a new #3810mindset Five years ago we opened the doors not knowing exactly what we were doing. We had an idea, a vision. We

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How to Build Stronger Customer Relationships. Oklahoma City Business Incubator Program

How to Build Stronger Customer Relationships Today

The goal of customer experience is to build lasting customer relationships. Everyone in your business is involved in the customer experience. As a business owner, it’s important to care about designing a consistent, positive, and valuable experience for your customers. Read to learn more about building strong customer relationships & expanding your community.

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What is Over-Communicating and how does it help?

It’s no secret that good communication is everything in the workplace. Without it your business can lose direction, momentum, productivity, and alignment with expectations. So that’s why we are here with another blog to help you become the leader your business demands.

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Build a Business that Works for You

Life is unpredictable, and we probably started a business to create freedom and flexibility in our lives. So this is another reason why systems are so important: documented & duplicatable systems keep you from becoming a slave to your business, so you can have the success and freedom that you work so hard for.

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