13-17 November, 2023

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Munch & Learn

Missed one or more of our sessions? Check out the videos as our subject matter experts discuss all things related to entrepreneurship.

Boast your own brand

Boast Your Own Business

Pitching your business should be part and parcel of your journey as an entrepreneur.

At Project 3810, this is how we tell our story:

  • Your key for SUCCESS
  • The IMPACT you’re making
  • Your PEOPLE (i.e. support system)
  • How you UNWIND

3810 Showcase

From products to services and for-profits to non-profits, we are blessed to share space with a thriving community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive impact in the industry they are in.


Wrap Up Party

Even though the party is over, come unwind and socialize during Happy Hour at Broke Beer! Follow them on Facebook 

Free CoWorking Space

We celebrate entrepreneurship and aim to nurture well-rounded resilient entrepreneurs, who will lead winning organizations and create winning communities.

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, we invite you to experience our community with free use of our coworking space for the whole month of November (9am to 5pm):

  • High Speed Internet
  • Break Room
  • Filtered Water & Coffee
  • Ad-hoc Conference Room & Projector
  • On-Site Tap Room

Call us at 405-437-4944 for details and secure your spot!

We believe in the betterment of People, Process, and Product

to ensure the success of any business.

We have to keep learning.

We believe that every business should exist

to make a positive and everlasting impact in the society.

We have to stay relevant.

We believe that it takes a tribe to grow a business.

We have to stay connected.

We believe that every business person

should have fun in the midst of the grind.

We have to keep breathing.

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No frills to tickle your fancy

If you are looking for a luxe lobby with plush carpet, Project 3810 doesn’t have that vibe. If you are looking for a lavish office to impress your clients, Project 3810 ain’t your space. But if you are looking to grow with like-minded hustlers, be ready to share spaces with a leave-your-ego-outside attitude and a get-it-done aptitude.

focus on your business

With total square footage of 45,000 sqft,Project 3810 is THE space for inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


24/7 Access
High Speed Internet
Break Room
Meeting Rooms


All perks of Co-working
+ Your own desk in a shared office that will have a max of 4 tenants.  The office has its own key that only the 4 tenants receive.  

Starts at $300/mo

All perks of Semi-Private Office
+ Your own office to customize for your business.  We have many sizes available and also flex space for manufacturing, distribution, testing, and such

Starts $1000/Mo

Climate controlled Flex Space for warehouse, assembly, manufacturing, testing, lab.  Space can be built out to suite your unique needs