About Us

Project 3810 is a space that provides infrastructure to take your business to the next level.

While we work with any type of business, Project 3810 is uniquely positioned to offer something no other incubators offer which is a specific focus on product based business development — from design to manufacturing and distribution, from OEM to building your own brand.

It takes a Village

One thing I’ve loved about my life journey so far is all the many things I’ve learned through working and growing our business that have positively impacted my life; and, all the many life lessons I’ve learned in my personal relationships that have positively impacted my business. Business and personal success are really very intertwined and the things that make us successful in one, also make us successful in the other. – Vicki Langford, Director

Project 3810 is about continuing our journey through shared experience with other like-minded individuals who are growing their businesses and following their life dreams.

Our goal with Project 3810 is win, win, win.

  • Win for our community
    • Economic impact.
    • Job creation.
    • Property improvement.
  • Win for our clients
    • Business boot-camp increasing their chances of success.
    • Personal enrichment as they navigate their own goals and dreams.
    • Leadership development so they can be successful employers.
  • Win for us
    • Express my passion for teaching and sharing life lessons.
    • Creating a recognized community for business success.
    • Diversification of our family business.

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